About Buster Management

Helping businesses along their digital path to growth.
At Buster Management, it is our mission to create engaging content and build your brand in the digital space.

Meet Our Founder

Larry Wood, the founder of Buster Management, provides services to create digital marketing and social media strategies for domestic and international businesses.

In his years of working with marketing, Larry has developed a passion for content creation and brand building. With over a decade of experience in the digital and social media marketing sphere, he provides a unique insight into both the technical and business perspectives of digital strategic planning.

Larry also educates businesses and marketers on the creation of noticeable content and the timing of content release to achieve the highest visibility possible.

Introducing Our Digital Toolkit

Buster Management works extensively with the latest digital toolkit for scheduling, reporting, and analytics created by a Swedish-based software company called Digimoto.

Digimoto is a digital marketing toolkit that makes it easy to publish targeted content for your social media marketing, newsletters, and email campaigns.

Larry's History

Previously, Larry worked for over three decades as a telecommunications and media executive in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Larry has lived in 6 countries and has visited over 75. His knowledge of many cultures enhances his ability to create digital marketing and social media strategies for small to medium-sized corporations with international visibility.

The Story of Buster

Co-founder and Head of Motivation for Buster Management

Buster the Bernese Mountain DogChoosing a name for our company was a struggle, as most of the names I had in mind were already taken.

As I searched for an available domain, every name I came up with was unavailable. Finally, as frustration mounted, I looked down at my feet where Buster, my Bernese Mountain dog, was resting.

Boom! It hit me. I needed to name the business after Buster. And so Buster Management was born.

Buster was always a great inspiration and a calming presence in our lives. Most of all, he was funny. Of all the four-legged family members I've had in my life he is the one that has made me laugh the most.

Sadly, we lost Buster in February 2020, but he will always be remembered and lives on through the company that he helped to create.

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I cannot express how much we appreciate what Buster Management has done to bring our nonprofit into the world of social media. They also created an email campaign to help us invite guests to our fundraising events.

Danielle Madrid
Havens Community Connections