5 things to think about when trying to find content to post

find content to post

Published on

May 13, 2020

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Larry Wood


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What can I post when there is nothing left to post?

Everyone is always telling me that the hardest part of maintaining their social media is finding content to post. “I just don’t know what to post.”

As many experts say, to have engaging posts, you need to be original, creative, ask questions, or be funny… If you have events, new releases, specials, sales and other such activities, then it is easy to post them and know that they need to be posted. But even knowing these rules, we still come up with; what should I post now? This information is not all inclusive of what to post, but instead is aimed at what to post when all of the normal items we should post are exhausted.

Let’s outline a few things to get you thinking about what to post and what type of content would be engaging for your business when you have run out of ideas on what to post next.

Here are 5 things to think about when trying to find content to post:

  1. Share tips and advice

Most businesses have years of experience that can be shared. Even new start-ups usually start with an experience or knowledge base on the new business. Share some of this. Tips and advice show that you are the expert and know what you are talking about. Don’t be afraid to give away information that helps, this will build your brand as the one to go to when a need surfaces.

  1. Share what have you learned recently

Many business owners that I speak with are always researching and learning to improve their business. If you are reading a good blog or article that deals with your product or service and you find it valuable, then share it and tell your audience why you found it interesting or valuable. It is not good to ever write a long post, but it is ok to link to one that could be interesting.

  1. Share what your clients say about you

Many businesses have online reviews where a client has praised them or their product/service. Contact the client that wrote the review, thank them and then ask if you can post it on your social media and mention them in the post. Most will be happy to let you do this and even better, they will most likely share it. People like to have their name mentioned. Yes, we are vain people and easily praised.

  1. Tell why are you passionate about your business

Most businesses forget that the reason people are following them is that they know them, have done business with them, are interested in their brand or services or they have heard good things about them. These followers are on social networks to be social. Tell them why you are passionate about your business, product or service. Talk to them as if you are face-to-face and they will respond.

  1. Tell what makes your product/service unique

Tell them why you are different from your competitors. I don’t mean for you to try and sell them your product or service, but instead, share your thoughts on what makes you stand out or what your business provides that they may want or need. If you’re looking for a specific client or target group, then share this with your followers. Very often they will know someone that fits this target group and may share it with them.

Larry Wood

An experienced telecommunications and media executive with both domestic and international experience, in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. He has lived in 6 countries and worked in or visited 75 countries around the world and is always ready to experience new cultures.