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social media basics

Social Media Basics

Social media has become an essential aspect of any company’s marketing strategies over the past few years. 70% of the U.S. population has at least…

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what to post on social media

What to Post on Social Media

Determining what to post will, of course, vary depending on your type of business. Whether your business is service-oriented, product-centric, or a combination thereof, posting…

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email or newsletter

Email or Newsletter?

Many companies today like to send their newsletters out via email to their clients. This is not only a good practice it makes perfect sense…

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advertising on social media

Advertising on Social Media

All advertisements should either build your brand or sell your product/service. When creating an advertisement, ask yourself what you want the advertisement to do. Do…

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Tips and tricks for social media

How to Build a Better Brand with Digital Marketing

10 Digital Marketing Tips to Build your Brand One of the major objectives of digital marketing is to build your brand with your existing audience.…

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social media return on investment

Can I measure ROI (Return On Investment) for Social Media?

Everyone wants to measure ROI, but how to measure ROI with your social media channels is not always easy to answer. First and most important…

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find content to post

5 things to think about when trying to find content to post

What can I post when there is nothing left to post? Everyone is always telling me that the hardest part of maintaining their social media…

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effective newsletters

3 key points to have Effective Newsletters

Writing a newsletter takes time and effort, so why not do it right. Get the most out of your newsletters and get your clients to…

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social media for business

Social Media for Business – It Takes Time and Effort

Using social media for your business is a brand building exercise. You can advertise on social media, but that is not the same as posting…

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effective and efficient content

Effective and Efficient Content

Even if these two terms have different meanings, for a post to be effective it must also be efficient. Let’s separate them for a minute…

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